Word Study with a Holiday Twist

This week we tried something new for word study.  Our usual routine involves a teacher directed lesson and independent practice.  I remembered how much my students last year loved Write the Room activities so I created this one to meet the needs of my kindergarten students.

I "hid" cards around the room and the students searched for them.  I loved how engaged they were as they searched.  Some students worked together while others did it independently.  Afterwards, we read the words and sorted them into word families.  The kids loved it so much they have asked me to do it again.  So, it is now an option for Word Study during Daily 5; to maintain, I move the cards around each day to a new location.  Easy!

Would you like a copy?  If so, click on the image above. If you like, leave some feedback at my shop or better yet, leave me a comment on my blog.

I am also looking for more bloggers to link up on my December Book Picks. To do so, go here.  Lastly, I hope you didn't miss my post on TBA.   To celebrate the holiday season it included a freebie and recipe.

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. Very cute! Love those graphics. Thank you!

  2. Super cute! Thank you so much for sharing! :)
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